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Top Tips To Design a Great Brochure for Brand Promotions

November 16, 2017


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These days for a successful business, you need to start with promotion via various online and offline marketing tools. Many of the marketing formats require a lot of budget and yield result which is low then the amount spent on promotion. So we need to create marketing plan by filtering out the most effective methods. Brochures are one of the evergreen methods that is successful and has low impact on your marketing budget

Brochure is an effective marketing tool for offline promotion of a brand. It requires a lot of creativity and hard work to bring in users with the help of brochures. Some valuable tips to design a great brochure are as follows:

Take note of your ideas
The first most thing for an effective brochure doesn’t require contacting a graphic designer or online design research. It requires your vision and primary factors that lead to the use of a brochure. So just grab a pencil or pen and sketch our the ideas and concepts that come up in your mind. Discuss it with your colleagues to see if you are moving in the right direction for your brand’s promotion
Know Your Audience
The brochure is not like another form of marketing as it can help you target a specific Geo location. Design a brochure keeping customers requirement in mind. It is not necessary that our customers will like what we like. For this do a market research and get input from your valued customers. You must focus on creating a brochure that your target audience will want to read

Always Remember the importance of cover pages
Think of your brochure’s cover page as an entrance to your business. You want to encourage customers to visit your business. The cover page should comprise of information and infographics that will make the customers to turn the page and find out more about the brand. Keep the message simple and clear. Use headings like exciting discounts, special offers to make them keep the brochure handy for the discounts you have been offering

Limit your fonts
IF you have little freedom in using the right kind of font, you can do magic with your brochure. Use different font styles and sizes to help your brochure pages to stand out. Every design requires font styles that should suit the infographics on the brochure. Always try to keep consistent and make use of 3 overall sizes – heading, sub heading & general text.

PrintYo is a creative online printing brand providing high end printing products to customers across UK. We have recently launched same day printing services

Business Travel Trends

November 16, 2017


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According to forecasts by the International Business Travel Association, world expenditures for business trips will grow by 12% in 2017. This upward trend has been going on for many years despite world disasters, financial crises, and technological advancements that allow many problems to be solved from a distance. At the same time, travel conditions and preferences of business travelers have changed constantly.

1. Apartments for Rent

A major trend recently has been the use of private housing instead of hotels. This has reduced costs for companies by 37% on average!

Hotels are ready to do anything to stop the outflow of customers. For example, they assume that business travelers are no longer willing to pay for Wi-Fi or access to scanners and printers in business centers. Many now offer these services free of charge, and they’re working to meet other needs of business travelers.

According to surveys, most clients want more power sources and USB ports in the rooms. Hotels are reconstructing their premises in an attempt to provide guests with comfortable and convenient work settings.

2. Digital Wallets

In 2017, the Worldpay system predicted that payments through credit and debit cards will fall from two-thirds to half of all transactions by 2019, and will be replaced by mobile payments.

With a digital wallet, you can pay for lunch or metro travel by simply attaching your phone or smart watch to an NFC-sensor. You can also store boarding passes and loyalty cards.

3. Baggage tracking

New technology has significantly reduced the number of bags lost in transit. In the next few years, we can expect the appearance of home-printed bag tags, electronic receipts, automatic luggage systems, and GPS tracking to improve the situation further.

By next year, according to forecasts, 60% of carriers will send updates to your phone about the location of your luggage. Some brands already sell suitcases that notify you automatically of their whereabouts.

4. Designer clothes in hotel apartment

Carrying a lot of clothes, when you want to travel light, is tiring. Some hotels deliver fashionable designer clothes directly to your room.

Hotel guests can order garments in advance or call the reception desk to get a rack of clothes brought in for free. The Berkeley Hotel in London, for example, started cooperating with the clothing brand Vestiare Collective for this purpose.

5. Mobile booking of tickets

Booking hotels and air tickets is more often being done “on the go” through mobile applications rather than from an office.

However, despite the propensity of travelers to use the Internet to arrange trips, there are those who prefer to minimize their sharing of personal information.

According to recent studies, many people have no problem indicating their bonus card numbers or preferred seats on a plane, but they are not willing to report in on social networks or discuss where they were earlier in the day.

6. Negotiations on the Train

Saving time, or rather the rational use of it, drives the demand for holding business conferences while traveling by rail.

The Swiss even offer a special charter train, Red Double-Arrow Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill himself traveled on it 75 years ago, and now the train has been restored and equipped with the latest technical apparatus.

There is a conference car designed for 110 people and equipped with sound technology and Internet. In order not to burden business travelers with concerns about luggage, Swiss Railways has express delivery and transfer service from one hotel to another or to the airport.

7. Jet rent

It is not only ordinary employees who have to look for affordable options in business travel – so do their bosses. Sometimes this search for savings leads to the leasing of private aircraft.

Indeed, how else can one quickly move around the world, especially to hard-to-reach places where there are no regular flights? This desire to save time and money has allowed VistaJet, an airplane leasing firm, to significantly increase its profits in recent years.

8. Bleisure = business + leisure

The popularity of “bleisure travel” – when a mini-vacation is added to a business trip – is growing worldwide, especially in the US and Australia. According to the International Business Travel Association, so-called Millennials (those who are now 18 to 35 years old) are more likely to combine business and leisure travel.

On the other hand, “boomers” (those born from the mid-1940s to the 1960s) are satisfied with established practices for business trips and are less inclined to change anything.

9. “Co-habitation”

“Co-habitation” is something between co-working and co-renting housing. Co-habitation allows a person to stay in a favorable environment together with like-minded people who are also on extended business trips.

Work is the main thing, of course, but equally important is the possibility of joint dinners and socializing. This situation is something like a modern commune for professionals.

10. Robotic Staff

According to market research, robots will eliminate 6% of all jobs in the US by 2021. For example, the McLean Hilton in Virginia has Connie, a robot with artificial intelligence that speaks several languages, working as a “concierge student.”

At the airport of Marrakech, Leo (also a robot) can register you for a flight, print baggage labels and carry your bags to the drop-off point. In Taipei, EVA Air has Pepper – she scans boarding passes, gives weather forecasts, and even poses for selfies.

It is interesting that, according to polls, even young people with all their love for Internet technologies, prefer to meet partners in person to conclude deals. So, forecasts about business trips increasing in coming years could prove to be accurate.

4 Strategies to Help Improve Employee Relations & Engagement

November 16, 2017


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4 Strategies to Help Improve Employee Relations & Engagement

If your organization should perform better, it is essential that you engage better with your employees. They should feel connected to the bran, feel motivated and responsible, and enjoy the work. You don’t want your employees to take their work as a burden. It can be detrimental to your company’s efficiency and productivity and long-term success. Here are 4 strategies to help you improve employee relations and engagement levels.

1. Maintain Transparency
Do you know that there is a strong relation between employee happiness and management transparency? Surveys show that the correlation can be more than 90%. When you trust your employees with sensitive information, it helps them feel more important to the organization. It also helps build a more cooperative environment in the workplace. It helps build both employee relations and employee-management relationship.

2. Get Everyone Involved
Make sure that all employees are made part of your strategy development process. Make them feel important to the organization, and not left out. It is recommended to assign responsibilities based on their skills, interests and role.
It will be a better strategy to let your employees willingly take on challenges. This can also mean investing in employee skills development from time to time.

3. Provide the Required Tools & Resources
Lack of proper tools and resources is one of the major contributing factors to shortfall in employee productivity and interest. In fact, this is considered as the top engagement-driving factor across organizations worldwide. When you fail to provide them the right tools and infrastructure, you are creating barriers that prevent your employees from getting things done.

4. Provide Timely Training
If you want to create a culture of continuous development, you should focus on employee training and skills development. It will not only help develop your manpower skills, qualities and productivity, it will also tell them that you value them. When employees feel that you are investing in their future, it will further help improve engagement levels.

When you train your employees, you are also providing Leadership training. Better trained and more knowledgeable workers are going to emerge as better performers and leaders. Thus, there will be lesser chances that you will have to recruit leaders from outside the organization.

So if you want to improve employee relations and productivity, you will have to invest in your employees. The key is to not only equip them with the right tools and skills, but also to make them feel more valued. Cardinal Ridge Enterprises, LLC is at the forefront of organizational development, employee engagement, and leadership development training and coaching services. It is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business with decades of experience across different sectors.

Alternative Solutions to Traditional Business Telephone Systems

November 16, 2017


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Running a business has changed. In the old days we had to buy, store and maintain an expensive business telephone system, but now there may be no hardware, software or maintenance, as everything is on the cloud. In fact, a valid alternative is represented by virtual telephone systems, which are designed especially for medium-small companies.

Employees can benefit from interesting and competitive features, such as being able to work anywhere, as calls can be forwarded to mobile phones, Moreover, when you are busy in a meeting, you will still be able to answer calls as voice mails are transcribed and instantly delivered via email.

Your typical working day may be very demanding. A typical day involves lots of calls to clients and suppliers, meetings in and out of the office, and plenty of travelling. During meetings there’s no other choice but to put your phone on silent, and let calls go to voicemail, which is no good if the matter is urgent.

Plus, it is not always convenient to answer the phone whilst travelling. Meanwhile, clients might try calling your landline, or they might try getting in touch with another team member in the office. This may be frustrating for clients, stressful for the employees and inefficient for your company.

How Does a Typical Working Day Look with a Cloud-Based Solution?
An employee goes into the office to catch up with his team and prepare for a meeting with a client. With a cloud solution, he can log onto the system and confirm his schedule e.g. he can change his status to, “in a meeting from 10 until 12”. He can also update his white list if there is one particular call he can’t afford to miss. So, while all other calls will automatically be re-routed to the receptionist, he will be able to take this particular phone call.

Now imagine while he is on the phone to supplier, another client calls. It pops up through “Alert Client” on his laptop and he can forward the call to someone else who he knows can help.

At the end of the day the employee has his meeting, takes his important call, and travels back to the office, safe in the knowledge that all calls have been dealt with. No missed communications, no frustrated clients, no stress and great added value for your company.

Last but not least, the biggest advantage of a cloud-based telephone system is the cost. It is much cheaper, as there are a lot of companies providing this service and you can choose which one suits you best.

How Mergers And Acquisition Affect Company

November 16, 2017


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Mergers and acquisitions keep happening in the corporate world. Both of these two activities are often construed as the magic elixir that will enhance the prestige of a newly formed company, grow sales and save cost up to a great extent through synergies.

However, Mergers and acquisitions are just like gambling. A lot of risks are involved in it and you can’t foretell the size of return in advance. If you don’t handle it carefully, it can even backfire and may result in more cost than projected. It can even damage the company completely.

So, the biggest question is how Mergers and acquisitions affect a company? Let’s have a look at some points mentioned here below-

1. They Become Bigger In Size
Many companies agree to M&A to grow their size and become bigger compared to their rivals. It may take several years to double or triple the size of a company through organic growth. But, if two different companies are combined into one, the value of a new company may overcome several small companies available in the market. In such a case, both companies are benefited hugely from the additional value.

2. Synergy
The main motive of a merger or acquisition is to increase the performance of a company for its shareholders with the help of synergy. Actually, it’s a concept which illustrates that if performance and the value of the two companies are combined, their output will always be bigger than the subtotal of the separate individual parts. In simple words, two business organizations can generate more revenues jointly than it could be fetched if they worked independently. So, companies measure potential synergy before making an M&A transaction.

3. Getting Unique Capabilities
On a number of occasions, mergers and acquisitions take place to get unique capabilities or resources, which can help the company to become a monopoly in the market. For example- If a new company acquires patents and licenses after making M&A deal, it can easily increase its sales and profits because of the innovation and efficiency caused by the merger or acquisition.

4. Capitalize the Government Policies
Mergers and acquisitions also happen to cope with unfavorable government policies that make it mandatory for companies to have a certain size to exist in the business. On the other hand, some governments provide tax breaks and other incentives to big companies. Mergers help companies to lower their tax liabilities and increase their profit margins.

5. Ability To Deal With Larger Clients
Mergers and acquisitions take place to deal with a large number of clients and increase the financial benefits. For example- M&A activity in law firms allows the company to access more resources and expertise & serve a large number of clients easily and quickly.

6. Termination Of Employees
Whenever two companies are combined into one or one company acquires another firm, employees are fired from their jobs. The new company wants to downsize the labor force and make the most use of the available talent. In some cases, the salaries of the workers are reduced to cut the operational cost.

This also provokes employees to leave the job and look for other options. These activities can fill negativity in the minds of existing staff and their performance/output is affected badly. Due to the different work culture, employees often clash with each other. It may affect the overall performance of the company a lot. If you don’t address this problem quickly, it becomes very difficult to operate the company smoothly and easily.

In some cases, many employees take legal action against the company because of their termination. Therefore, while getting involved in an M&A transaction, you should consider the interest of employees and shareholders seriously and try to solve the matter in a friendly manner. If any problem arises, you can take the help of M&A Law firms. They can assist you to follow the government recognized law in M&A transaction and will keep you to deal with any sort of legal trouble in the future.

7. Overpayment
The clash overpayment is quite common in M&A transactions. There are many cases when the company A accuses B of financial misappropriation and takes the legal action to get its money back from the company B. Such a scenario is harmful to both companies as involvement in prolonged legal battle can damage their reputation in the market and hurt them financially.

If you get trapped in such a complicated mess, you should hire expert Mergers and Acquisition Lawyers without having any second thought. They have the knowledge of different laws related to the M&A transactions and can help you to perform merger and acquisition without any legal hindrance.

Final Words:
M&A transactions affect the acquisitive companies in many ways. These are some important impacts that are likely to be faced by the firms.

Cyber Forensics: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Busines

November 16, 2017


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In the twenty-first century, you can’t get away with storing your important business documents in a wall safe disguised by a painting. Businesses of all sizes depend on technology to generate, safe, and disseminate essential data. Financial information and trade secrets are digitized and housed on hard drives and servers. In the old days, thieves had to break into your house or your safe deposit box to get ahold of your documents. Now, they can do it from their living room. That’s where cyber forensics comes in.

UnderstandingDigital Forensics

The hacker’s greatest weapon is subtlety: the goal is to slip past your security and steal your data or cause mayhem before you even realize they’re there. The right security tools can help you detect phishing attempts and other attempted cyber intrusions and respond to the threat before your data is compromised. Early cyber forensics investigations required providing investigators with access authorization, and allowing them to use write-protected duplicates of the data for analysis and reporting. Now, investigations can be performed without granting authorization to outside individuals, and analysis can be performed on live memory without needing to download or duplicate sensitive data. Remote incident response makes it possible to deal with security threats quickly and efficiently.

Protecting Your Business
So, how do you protect your business from cyber threats? The number one way is by being prepared. Technology changes rapidly, and so do the tactics that hackers employ to gain access to your systems. By partnering with professionals in cyber security, you can stay a step ahead of the hackers without taking your focus off your daily operations or spreading your in-house technical support team too thin. Look for experts who have experience with different types of threat actors across a variety of industries, from financial crime in the telecomm industry to insider threats in Biotechnology. Cyber security professionals can provide a narrative that includes an attacker’s objectives and methods so you can be even better prepared against future potential threats.

The field of cyber forensics has developed in leaps and bounds to keep up with changing technology, from the devices on which data can be stored to the methods used to analyze live data. You can help protect your business by employing digital forensic technology and partnering with professionals in cyber security. Choose experts with extensive and wide-ranging experience across various threat actors and industries. They can monitor, assess, and address cyber threats to keep your data secure and, in the event of a breach, get you back up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Traits Of A Good Internet Marketing Boca Raton Company

November 16, 2017


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When it comes to SEO and internet marketing, there are ample firms to help your business flourish online. However, you need to make a right choice so that your firm profits from it. There are ample SEO agencies that promise big results but in fact turn out to be fakes. So, if you are going for a switch or looking for a good internet marketing Boca Raton company, you should look out for few features.

Features of a good Boca Raton SEO company:

Clarity in Communication:

It is possible that you have researched on the SEO and digital marketing part. However, it might also be the case wherein your research is insufficient. There would be doubts and questions that you might have about the internet practices for your company to benefit. So, you might want the SEO firm to attend your doubts. A good firm will have a professional to clarify your queries. It will not hesitate in clarifying your queries. So, as a buyer, you should be looking out for a clear communication when you are discussing with the SEO companies Boca Raton.

Discusses Alternatives:

When you look at the internet, it is vast enough to reach the buyers in any corner of the world. The internet marketing Boca Raton firm will first make the efforts to know what your company is into. This will help them to understand who your business caters to and how to attend them. Accordingly, the media professionals would devise a plan to help your business flourish online. However, the professionals would first discuss the plan and then go ahead after your confirmation. Be it revamping the website or enhancing the content, using email marketing or creating a social portfolio, you will be given options. The bottom line is to go for the SEO firm that will come with different alternatives.

Maintaining Online Presence:

Most of the Boca Raton SEO companies are unable to keep up with the work that they started. So, it is not just a start up but steady work on it is important as well. Check for the work history of the agency that you plan to hire.It is easy to look up for their work online. All you got to do is ask the company about the clients it worked on. See how well each of the sites is performing online. Examine how good they have worked on the mentioned sites. This will give you a fair idea if the company is worth hiring or not.


There will be different work campaigns that the internet marketing Boca Raton professionals will come up with. But, you have to choose something that will last for a longer duration. Usually, the price is dependent on the job that you choose for your company’s online presence. So, the SEO firm will draw a package and the prices. Payments can be cleared weekly, fortnightly or on the monthly basis.

Technology trends in talent management

November 16, 2017


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In today’s world of post-modernization, technological innovations make data and IT easily accessible to people. This influences the way employees perceive their objectives and get the work done. The demand to constantly improve talent management services and enhance user experience has resulted in demographical changes, presenting a need to employ distinctive management structures with an organization.

Over the years, employee engagement and retention strategies have always been prioritized by managers. But in the current scenario where digitalization plays a crucial role, how can we boost talent management and employee engagement? What are the new trends in technology and what impact will it have on talent management?

Digital talent management services –

Every organization is experiencing a digital transformation. From cloud computing to process automation, most parts of business operations are being influenced by the digital world. When it comes to talent management, employers are emphasizing to create a more engaging work environment by utilizing the trends in technology. For example, robotic process automation (RPS). RPA enables employees to direct their effort to core business activities rather than falling in a loop with conventional business practices. Employers are also trying to improve employee experience by developing mobile applications and platforms that can be accessed at own convenience. Organizations are slowly leveraging the marvels of technology to improve their talent management services.

Performance analytics –

For any organization, the primary aim is to improve productivity and enrich employee skills. Managers constantly seek opportunities to provide employees adequate resources to improve personal learning and enable professional growth. In order to provide them with more challenging tasks, steady monitoring of performance and frequent feedback sessions need to be conducted. The evolution of HR analytics has brought in the capabilities to carry out real-time data analysis. To keep up with the fast-paced business environment, managers can utilize the tools and dashboards included in the systems (that perform analytics) to provide instant feedback. The upgradations of user interfaces and systems enable easier access to employee data and increase the reliability of the analysis.

Personalizing service programs –

Millennials have started dominating the workforce. The need to individually cater to each employee request and increase the ability to support their career growth is becoming a top priority among organizations. The latest trend around customizing talent management services includes deploying employee-centric practices to engage the workforce through innovative and creative methods. The development of LMSs and self-service portals enable employees to accomplish tasks with more confidence. Personalizing their training and learning reassures them of the trust and reliability towards the organization. Establishing brand identity with an organization is mandatory to further engage employees.

HRIS (HR information systems) –

Over the past years, HR has considerably been influenced by the advancements in technology. Increasing global presence and the need to establish their roots in different geographies has complicated the task to maintain and consolidate all HR undertakings (including payroll and talent management). The need to optimize such global companies has led managers to look into the need for an integrated system that can centralize all data and enable consistent performance across borders. This demand for integrated systems has increased the necessity for HRIS (HR information systems) that can consolidate data and make it available for talent management service to be carried out globally, without any discrepancies.

Getting Started on Twitter for Your Business

November 16, 2017


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How to Set Your Profile, Make Connections, and Start Expanding Your Business Exposure Through Twitter

July is Twitter Month for us at eVision Media so for those already using Twitter for their business stay tuned for more ‘how tos’ and tips on using Twitter for business!

For those of you who haven’t braved the Twitter social media waters quite yet, this article will provide compelling reasons why you should use Twitter for business and then dive into how to set up your profile and how to get started building your following on Twitter.

Why Use Twitter For Your Business?

Twitter is a major player in online social media. In January of this year Google purchased Twitter Fabric (A Twitter development arm for apps) for an undisclosed sum for good reason. With 328 million + active Twitter accounts it’s a big audience to exist within.

Your ability to reach your target audience is amplified by having Twitter as it allows your users to see the latest news on your business in real time and provides a window into your company by way of what you share and promote.

Almost 25% of verified Twitter users count themselves as journalists and often news hits Twitter before the other platforms have a chance to draft a report.

Whether you’re local or national or even international following journalists and making connections is a great way to have your own content shared with a large audience with the intention of course that some turn into paying customers.

It’s no surprise the current estimate is 93% of businesses use Twitter with over half using it daily.

Another big plus is how Twitter (and social media in general) has replaced traditional PR. Companies who use Twitter report a 20% improvement in customer relations!

How to Set Up Your Twitter Account

Let’s break down just how easy it is to set up a Twitter account. Then we’ll review how to use it.
Step one in setting up Twitter:

a. In order to access this in your new account
you’ll need to click on the top right next
to where you see the word Tweet.
b. This will open a menu.
c. Select the top part where you see the
username you entered when signing up.
d. This will take you to your Twitter profile
e. Now select Edit Profile as indicated on the
f. Now you can enter your bio (limited to 160
alpha numeric characters)

*When drafting your bio start with what
your business does or share what your
followers can expect from you and end with
something more personal about you.
Example 1: A certified fitness coach who’s
passion is health, wellness & eating Vegan
sharing tips and recipes to help you on
your health journey. Wife & Mom who loves
the outdoors

Example 2: (This is mine): I share tips on
Digital Marketing, Websites, Branding &
Social Media. An experienced & passionate
Web Developer, eBusiness Consultant, Wife,
Mother & Chocoholic
g. Update your professional profile photo
(image size: 400 X 400)
h. Update your header image (image size: 1500
X 500)
i. Enter your location
j. Add in your website address
k. Choose your theme colours – ideally have
them match your business brand colours
l. Then click “Save changes”!

Now that you’ve got your profile it’s time to look for followers.

Finding Followers on Twitter

This part is both very easy and very hard. Let me explain!

It’s easy to secure followers from anyone looking to turn you into a customer. It’s much harder in the reverse order.

Some accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers but nearly all are other people looking for clients. It can be easy to get sucked into a sinkhole of marketers so be very wary of any suspicious accounts.

Instead look for people you know. Not just personally but brand personalities you trust. There is a very easy search function at the top right. Just type in a name and start checking.

You can also use Twitter’s Advanced search to narrow down your efforts further.

People with high numbers of ‘Following’ and low numbers of ‘Followers’ indicates they’re not securing good connections with their content so watch out. Even if they are following you, it only means they are watching to see if you follow back and as soon as you do, they will unfollow you. A practice I do not condone at all.

Any accounts with near even numbers of ‘Following’ and ‘Followers’ could simply be people in a niche who follow each other but aren’t reaching anyone outside that sphere. They’re okay to add but make sure that’s not ALL you add.

You can use Twitter’s email tool as well to farm your email for possible connections held within your emails records of people you’ve emailed with in the past.
If you’re still stuck: try writing down a list of brands like yours and add them. Following your competition not only shows you what’s popular in your industry, it also gets your name in front of their followers if you ever feel compelled to reply.

Another easy trick we covered recently during our Twitter month is using hashtags to find local businesses on Twitter.

Many of us deal locally so make sure to check out that post linked above.

Don’t worry about your Follower count too much and focus on quality over quantity.

Keep Tweeting

Now it’s time to start tweeting! This is your 140 character opportunity to market yourself in your own voice.

Try some tweets out that link to your site’s pages but don’t overdo it. Focus on building out an identity that establishes trust in your followers.

Look for voices in your industry with trust where you can retweet and like their content.

When retweeting look for opportunities to tie their point back to your business. If they share X and you build awareness around X then retweet and add a link back to your relevant page whether it’s a static product page or a blog post. The goal is to reach both them and your users in a way that connects you to the trusted authority.

A great way to increase the viability of your tweeting is to add an image to your tweet. This is really easy and recently Twitter made it even easier with their addition of a GIF function. You can search for funny and/or relevant GIFs right within your Tweet. Just click below the text box where it says GIF.

7 Ways To Become A Great Leader And Not Just A Manager

November 16, 2017


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Talented people want to make big things happen and improve themselves.

Talented people don’t want to be seen as just an employee, but as someone to be nurtured and improved.

Talented people want to work for leaders, not managers. So how can you become a leader? Try this;

Be Selfless

You will gain more if you concentrate on how best to serve the people who work for you. Take out obstacles, provide strategic advice and minimise distractions. Help others find solutions. Thinking outwards, not inwards will deliver powerful results in the long term.

Be Authentic

It is said that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. The truth is that talented people will often stay with a company despite difficult times if they have a manager that inspires them. A great leader is approachable, thinks about the accomplishment of each employee’s personal mission and helps them successfully achieve it.

Be Humble

It could be as simple as saying hello to everyone. Talk and listen to people, take the time to train and develop your team. Understand that neglect just reinforces bad habits. Provide feedback proactively – constructive criticism is often welcome and effective. Treat your position as a manager as a privilege and you are well on the way to becoming a great leader.

Be an Example

If you are learning, so are those who work for you. So, don’t stop learning! Be curious and never satisfied. Encourage questions from others, and question yourself. Self-awareness is key. Make sure you are ‘in the trenches’ with your team and don’t ask others to do things you wouldn’t do yourself. That’s the behaviour of a truly great leader.

Be Positive

Positive energy is contagious. The best leaders don’t carry grudges, dwell too long on failure, or rub someone’s nose in it if they are wrong. Focus on what can be learnt from any given situation. This attitude will create an atmosphere of openness and trust. What a winner!

Be Proud

Whether they say so or not, most people want to see their blood, sweat and tears generate something significant. Something of value. If you want to be a great leader, you should always give credit where and when it’s due. This will embed loyalty and enthusiasm in your team. If a leader can’t be loud and proud, who else is going to be? Share your love for all the good things your workforce, team, department and colleagues do.

Be Your Best

You don’t need to “demand” excellence. You do however need to demand your best endeavours. Ask “Is this the very best we are able to do?”. Help others create challenging goals and a strategy to achieve them. Push hard but recognise limits. As a great leader, you should be nudging the bar higher at every opportunity, but making those moves alongside your team, not racing out ahead or asking others to lead the charge whilst you bring up the rear.

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