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7 Ways To Become A Great Leader And Not Just A Manager

November 16, 2017


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Talented people want to make big things happen and improve themselves.

Talented people don’t want to be seen as just an employee, but as someone to be nurtured and improved.

Talented people want to work for leaders, not managers. So how can you become a leader? Try this;

Be Selfless

You will gain more if you concentrate on how best to serve the people who work for you. Take out obstacles, provide strategic advice and minimise distractions. Help others find solutions. Thinking outwards, not inwards will deliver powerful results in the long term.

Be Authentic

It is said that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. The truth is that talented people will often stay with a company despite difficult times if they have a manager that inspires them. A great leader is approachable, thinks about the accomplishment of each employee’s personal mission and helps them successfully achieve it.

Be Humble

It could be as simple as saying hello to everyone. Talk and listen to people, take the time to train and develop your team. Understand that neglect just reinforces bad habits. Provide feedback proactively – constructive criticism is often welcome and effective. Treat your position as a manager as a privilege and you are well on the way to becoming a great leader.

Be an Example

If you are learning, so are those who work for you. So, don’t stop learning! Be curious and never satisfied. Encourage questions from others, and question yourself. Self-awareness is key. Make sure you are ‘in the trenches’ with your team and don’t ask others to do things you wouldn’t do yourself. That’s the behaviour of a truly great leader.

Be Positive

Positive energy is contagious. The best leaders don’t carry grudges, dwell too long on failure, or rub someone’s nose in it if they are wrong. Focus on what can be learnt from any given situation. This attitude will create an atmosphere of openness and trust. What a winner!

Be Proud

Whether they say so or not, most people want to see their blood, sweat and tears generate something significant. Something of value. If you want to be a great leader, you should always give credit where and when it’s due. This will embed loyalty and enthusiasm in your team. If a leader can’t be loud and proud, who else is going to be? Share your love for all the good things your workforce, team, department and colleagues do.

Be Your Best

You don’t need to “demand” excellence. You do however need to demand your best endeavours. Ask “Is this the very best we are able to do?”. Help others create challenging goals and a strategy to achieve them. Push hard but recognise limits. As a great leader, you should be nudging the bar higher at every opportunity, but making those moves alongside your team, not racing out ahead or asking others to lead the charge whilst you bring up the rear.

Increasing Employee Productivity Through Redesigning your Workplace

November 16, 2017


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Improving employee productivity and efficiency is a goal any employer wants to achieve. Many companies think that increasing paychecks inspires their workers to work harder and perform better. Although raising salaries may temporarily improve employee efficiency, what they really need is a well-designed workspace. When the physical workspace is dull, outdated, closed off or obsolete, it negatively affects the people working in it. Desk drawers that don’t open, cramped conference rooms and lack of quiet areas causes employees to become annoyed, frustrated, and distracted from their work. Updating the interior design of any workspace, such as offices, hospitals or schools, is an effective way to increase workers’ mood, morale, and engagement with their work. Designing an office interior is a process that should be given time and thought. In order for a workplace interior to truly come together it should be designed with purpose. Designing with specific intentions ensures that a workplace not only looks great but works with and for the people in it.

Workplace environments should be appealing spaces. Everything from flooring to couches and art on the walls should be cohesive and attractive. Furniture should be arranged in ways that don’t crowd a space but help it to feel open. The design from one room to the next should flow and create a natural feeling transition. It’s also important to create a unique interior design which helps to set a company apart from others.

Truly great interior designs are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Rooms meant for quiet concentration should be designed in a manner that allows for that. Conference rooms should have space for everyone and still make TVs and other displays visible. Individual workstations need to be comfortable and practical for the work being done. Even the positioning of a computer monitor can affect how comfortable and functional a workspace is. A functional workspace provides storage that’s easy to organize and offers enough space to keep clutter out of the way.

The design of any workplace impacts the people in it, whether or not that’s good or bad depends on the quality of the design. Providing employees with a well-designed space for working in helps them to enjoy being at work. Employees who enjoy their workplace environment are more confident in their abilities, more creative with ideas, and more engaged with their work. When properly designed, it’s possible to achieve an interior design that works as great as it looks.

A Guide to Commercial Awnings

November 16, 2017


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The overall appearance and design of a company can determine their productivity. A company must showcase what they sell by marketing a creative design space. The design space can show creativity by adding elements like color, unique flooring, doors, and awnings. For the point of this article, we are going to explore the different types of business awnings and their styles.

The different types of awnings:
Entryway: The entryway awning is a priority for keeping the entry protected by sun, wind, rain, and snow. It is also the best place to display the brand and style of the company.
Pathway: Pathway awnings extend from the entryway to or along a sidewalk to add extra shading and protection from the weather. This is an ideal option if the parking lot or street is far from the entryway. Customers will appreciate the added protection.
Window: Window awnings work to enhance curb appeal and also serve to reduce sunlight and heat from entering through windows. It can be a very cost-effective way to save money on the energy bill.
Patio: Patio awnings allow for that extra seating or entertainment area. They give guests the ability to enjoy the outside scenery while being protected from the weather.

Different build of awnings:
Stationary or Fixed: They are welded permanently to the wall and can not open or pull back.
Retractable: Also attaches to your business and can be opened or pulled back to display the amount of sunlight wanted.

Awning Styles:
Traditional: Traditional awnings are those that are hung over doors and windows using bent steel rod frames. They form and look like a 90-degree angle.
Dome: Dome Awnings are pretty self-explanatory. They create a dome style, allowing for space to display a brand or design.
Quartered Round: Quartered Round awnings kind of show the appearance of a circle cut in half. They are permanently welding to your business wall.
Concave: Concave awnings can have the same look as traditional, but slope down more in the center.

Types of Covers:
Cotton: Strong and durable. Cotton is easy to clean and does well against water.
Polyester: Can withstand weathering. Polyester can be wiped down and is breathable.
Vinyl or Laminate Coated: Water and fire resistant. Add the seal of the material to prevent damage.
Acrylic Coated: Color can last long and adds a beautifully finished coat to any material.


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