Cyber Forensics: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Busines

November 16, 2017


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In the twenty-first century, you can’t get away with storing your important business documents in a wall safe disguised by a painting. Businesses of all sizes depend on technology to generate, safe, and disseminate essential data. Financial information and trade secrets are digitized and housed on hard drives and servers. In the old days, thieves had to break into your house or your safe deposit box to get ahold of your documents. Now, they can do it from their living room. That’s where cyber forensics comes in.

UnderstandingDigital Forensics

The hacker’s greatest weapon is subtlety: the goal is to slip past your security and steal your data or cause mayhem before you even realize they’re there. The right security tools can help you detect phishing attempts and other attempted cyber intrusions and respond to the threat before your data is compromised. Early cyber forensics investigations required providing investigators with access authorization, and allowing them to use write-protected duplicates of the data for analysis and reporting. Now, investigations can be performed without granting authorization to outside individuals, and analysis can be performed on live memory without needing to download or duplicate sensitive data. Remote incident response makes it possible to deal with security threats quickly and efficiently.

Protecting Your Business
So, how do you protect your business from cyber threats? The number one way is by being prepared. Technology changes rapidly, and so do the tactics that hackers employ to gain access to your systems. By partnering with professionals in cyber security, you can stay a step ahead of the hackers without taking your focus off your daily operations or spreading your in-house technical support team too thin. Look for experts who have experience with different types of threat actors across a variety of industries, from financial crime in the telecomm industry to insider threats in Biotechnology. Cyber security professionals can provide a narrative that includes an attacker’s objectives and methods so you can be even better prepared against future potential threats.

The field of cyber forensics has developed in leaps and bounds to keep up with changing technology, from the devices on which data can be stored to the methods used to analyze live data. You can help protect your business by employing digital forensic technology and partnering with professionals in cyber security. Choose experts with extensive and wide-ranging experience across various threat actors and industries. They can monitor, assess, and address cyber threats to keep your data secure and, in the event of a breach, get you back up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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