A Guide to Commercial Awnings

November 16, 2017


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The overall appearance and design of a company can determine their productivity. A company must showcase what they sell by marketing a creative design space. The design space can show creativity by adding elements like color, unique flooring, doors, and awnings. For the point of this article, we are going to explore the different types of business awnings and their styles.

The different types of awnings:
Entryway: The entryway awning is a priority for keeping the entry protected by sun, wind, rain, and snow. It is also the best place to display the brand and style of the company.
Pathway: Pathway awnings extend from the entryway to or along a sidewalk to add extra shading and protection from the weather. This is an ideal option if the parking lot or street is far from the entryway. Customers will appreciate the added protection.
Window: Window awnings work to enhance curb appeal and also serve to reduce sunlight and heat from entering through windows. It can be a very cost-effective way to save money on the energy bill.
Patio: Patio awnings allow for that extra seating or entertainment area. They give guests the ability to enjoy the outside scenery while being protected from the weather.

Different build of awnings:
Stationary or Fixed: They are welded permanently to the wall and can not open or pull back.
Retractable: Also attaches to your business and can be opened or pulled back to display the amount of sunlight wanted.

Awning Styles:
Traditional: Traditional awnings are those that are hung over doors and windows using bent steel rod frames. They form and look like a 90-degree angle.
Dome: Dome Awnings are pretty self-explanatory. They create a dome style, allowing for space to display a brand or design.
Quartered Round: Quartered Round awnings kind of show the appearance of a circle cut in half. They are permanently welding to your business wall.
Concave: Concave awnings can have the same look as traditional, but slope down more in the center.

Types of Covers:
Cotton: Strong and durable. Cotton is easy to clean and does well against water.
Polyester: Can withstand weathering. Polyester can be wiped down and is breathable.
Vinyl or Laminate Coated: Water and fire resistant. Add the seal of the material to prevent damage.
Acrylic Coated: Color can last long and adds a beautifully finished coat to any material.


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